I wish, certain destination would be better than just landing over a rectangular wooden block with sleepwell mattress over it. I wish certain action would be more of concern than ebb. I wish your fingers would be there to hold when i was trembling in a street rather than exploring my genitals in deep. I […]

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Shortest love

They saw each other, on every social media platform everyday. The stories were viewed, profiles were stalked. The likes were shared, and the comments were exchanged. Talking to each other, needed a step forward and a courage indeed. They liked each other, but confessions were not made due to the fear of rejection. A message […]

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Love – Fire & Ice

First time when they met, they had a fight. Anguish of girl,pierced his eyes. She was the fire and he was the ice. a a She was flamboyant! But kept it low. He was a born star, never accepted to bow. a a They were close, they didn’t know. There fights were love, Which they […]

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United we stand

When I was small, the stories were told to me. Stories of fairies and angels, everywhere,everything so good to see. a a I never knew that, I was being mocked. My own people were deceiving me, because everything was hoax and false. a a People here don’t unite and fight, they promise you and hurt […]

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Love for you

Love is not being with her, walking on a long path. With her hands in your hand, and feeling them in your heart. a a Love is not putting her hair curls, back behind her ear. And just gazing at her, when she looks so innocent and beautiful. a a Love is not when u […]

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Shackles of time

Locked in shackles of time, Victim of all Love’s crime, Lost to this fake sugar chime, Death has taken me into this rhyme. Why did the great authors write such nice lines, Exclaming love is wonderful gold mines, Hasn’t my core paid enough of Love’s fines. Why has this world made love into blessed signs. […]

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Take me down, to the land of awakens. Where the people live, and don’t die. a a Where the morals are left, and the sensitivity is felt. The land of angels and God, where the demons don’t scream out loud. a a Take me down, to the land of philosophers. Where the thoughts are not […]